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T-shirt ordering

T-Shirts/Drift T-Shirts ordering: -Replacement and New hire.

Below are the listed steps to place an order through Hosswares for either new hire or replacement shirts (featured or dry fit.)  These steps should be completed after the form is filled out.  The forms are located both on the Feature T- Shirt Tab as well as on the menu bar of the website. 

**MARZONI'S STORES- Please follow the links under the "Marzoni's" category.

**note** make sure all shirt orders are being placed separate from all other smallware orders.

To order shirts for employees fallow the steps below:

1)      Select the HFX tab on the Categories bar.

2)      Next select the Feature T- Shirt subcategory.

3)      Select the style and sizes for that style you need for that employee and order.

Please place a note in the comment box at the end of your order stating if the order is for a new hire or for replacement shirts.

4)      Once the order is placed through Hosswares, the order form must be sent to HFXDeliveries.com or faxed to 814-239-8999.


Orders will be shipped along with stores smallware schedules. Once an order is processed, an invoice will be sent from HFX for the quantities ordered and sent.



*Bulk Orders* 

 Will not come through Hosswares, but the form and instructions are available along the menu bar and under the Feature-T subcategory tab.  



Should you need any assistance with placing your order please contact Ashley Bowser at ashley.bowser@hosscorp.com or at 814-693-3460.


Forms and Information links

Feature T-Shirt ordering instructions

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New Hire T-shirt order Form

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