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Feature T-Shirts


**Featured T-Shirts**

Please Create a new order prior to placing any order for feature T-shirts. All Feature T-Shirts should still follow regular smallwares delivery schedules, availability exclusions may apply.

All Featured T-Shirt orders should remain separate from all other product purchases as they will be billed differently than your regular smallwares purchases.  Invoicing will be done through HFX for all Featured T-Shirts.

*Bulk Orders* When the launch of new shirts are coming, each store will need to submit their sizing and style needs for each employee.  There will be a form linked to the top of this webpage that will need completed and sent into HFXDeliveries.com or faxed to HFX at (814)-239-8999. This form should include store number,  and the list of employees and the number of shirts needed for a work week as well as their sizes. The form will be located at the top of the page, as well as can be requested from HFX. 



ATTN: HFX is Currently out of sock on most XXL t-shirts. If you are needing this size, please note that we may cancel.  Also-  We are short on many other sizes and styles.  If we do not have what you order, but have it in a different style it will be substituted. 


As a reminder:  Please submit ALL shirt orders on their own order- do not include them on any other Hoss Wares order. 




     Forms and information links

Feature T-Shirt ordering instructions

New T-Shirt Order Form

New Hire T-shirt order Form

Crew Replacement T-Shirt Form